"I write because I enjoy writing, creating my own world. I also find writing (novels, plays and poems) a good medium for my observations on the patriarchal society that continues to marginalise and oppress women on the basis of their gender"  

Violet Barungi - CassandraTitle: Cassandra
Author: Violet Barungi
ISBN: 9970 9010 4 4
Publisher: FEMRITE Publications Limited

is the story of an independent-minded, self confident and ambitious girl, who is determined to reach the top without using men's coat tails to do so. She believes women have more going for them than the subservient role designed for them by society. But what happens when she is waylaid by love, with all its power to subdue and overwhelm is a lesson in self-discovery.

Written against the backdrop of the turbulent early eighties, Cassandra is a girl's statement on life and on how to balance gender roles to transform society positively.

"Ingenious and hilarious, Cassandra offers a delightful reading. It dramatises a rare and racy experience that invites and compels the reader to hold their breath." - Rugambwa - Otim

"Cassandra is a powerfully written novel. Barungi has employed rare artistry in her use of language. The plot is intricately woven through a gripping use of suspense from the beginning to the end. This keeps the reader on tenterhooks; unable to predict which way the story will unfold. The characters, though, save for Cassandra, Bevis and Raymond, remain largely undeveloped. Perhaps that is a deficiency in characterisation, for the author concentrates mainly on the main plot and we do not know much about characters like Tonia, Belinda, Melinda and Gavin, for instance. There are also a few flaws in the text which will need to be attended to in the second edition: a disjointed sentence here, a missed quote there and so on, but in no way do they ruin the novel’s artistic finesse.

Violet Barungi is undoubtedly one of the outstanding contemporary Ugandan novelists, and her novel is a good candidate for a Book Prize. It is a good lesson in matters of love, human relationships as well as gender issues, which are on the agenda in Uganda today. It is a must read for all." - Aaron Mushengyezi

"Violet Barungi’s new novel, Cassandra is a unique mix of a thriller and serious social commentary. In Cassandra, Barungi presents a modern, liberated woman as a central character of her novel but warns: “Feminine liberation does not mean rejection of men and repudiation of a woman role in the family.” Cassandra also has the ingredients of a conventional thriller: a tickling romance, unsolved murder mystery, child abduction, money and property, and a guerrilla war in the background. Both these elements make the novel a compelling reading." - Joseph Rwagatare

The Shadow and the Substance

Title: The Shadow and The Substance
Author: Violet Barungi
Publisher: Lake Publishers and Enterprises

This a romantic novel about Rose, a college girl who falls in love with two men. It explores the problems of personal integrity versus job security in a society where women are regarded as sex objects, simply created for the convenience of men. It also touches on the challenges of marriage and parenthood as faced by a modern girl in a traditional society.

"The Shadow and the Substance
is a realistic, suspenseful and humorous story that defies anybody to put it down before the last page." - Prof John Balonye

HIV and AIDS Readers for Uganda

Macmillan's learning about HIV and AIDS readers have been specially written by a team of award winning Ugandan authors to tackle many of the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS in the community. Each reader is written and illustrated in an attractive and lively way that will engage the pupils fully in learning about these issues, and will help them relate the stories to their everyday experience. As students read the series, they will form a full understanding of all the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS in their community.

HIV and AIDS Readers for Uganda - Wanda asks QuestionsTitle: Wanda Asks Questions
Author: Violet Barungi
ISBN: 978-0-230-53317-2
Publisher: Macmillan

HIV and AIDS Readers for Uganda - Jena Breaks a PromiseTitle: Jena Breaks a Promise
Author: Violet Barungi
ISBN: 978-0-230-53318-9
Publisher: Macmillan

HIV and AIDS Readers for Uganda - A Lucky EscapeTitle: A Lucky Escape
Author: Violet Barungi
ISBN: 978-0-230-53313-4
Publisher: Macmillan

Children's Short-story Books

Hope RestoredTitle: Hope Restored
Author: Violet Barungi
ISBN: 978 019 573367 9
Publisher: Oxford University Press

The NPPE Reading Scheme forms an important part of the New Progressive Primary English (NPPE) course.

There are ten readers for each class specially written to emphasize specific language skill learn in the main course.

Tit for Tat and Other StoriesTitle: Tit for Tat and Other Stories
Author: Violet Barungi
ISBN: 9970 716 03 2
Publisher: Uganda Children Writers and Illustrators Association

These illustrated animal stories are written for young readers. They are all taken from African folktales and are written for easy reading.

The PromiseTitle: The Promise
Authors: Rose Rwakasisi and Violet Barungi
ISBN: 9970 716 01 0
Publisher: Uganda Children Writers and Illustrators Association

Read Me Series are stories for children written and designed to reading and substitute the fireside lost experiences of the past. They are intended to bridge the gap between the present and the past generations and provide a glimpse of Uganda's orature.

Our Cousins From AbroadTitle: Our Cousins From Abroad
Author: Violet Barungi
ISBN: 9970 716 07 6
Publisher: Uganda Children Writers and Illustrators Association

Our Cousins From abroad
is the story of how Kantu, Kale and Kaana, living in rural Uganda, meet their cousins, Adam and Mercy from England. The story highlights the importance of teaching children how to appreciate and respect one another's different background, upbringing, culture and race. It is a captivating story that brings great insight into the gains that can be harvested from the rich experience of interacting with people of diverse backgrounds.

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